Text Papers
We have run the following brands up to 12x18 with excellent results:
- Hammermill
- Great White
- Xerox
- Williamhouse
- Neenah Classic Laid
80# Coated Text
- Sappi Opus
Cover Stocks
- Intermills Cordenons Ivolaser 190 gram
- Intermills Cordenons Ivolaser 240 gram
- Intermills Cordenons Venicelux 8pt. gloss cover (1 and 2 sided)


- Intermills Cordenons Venicelux 10pt. gloss cover (1 and 2 sided)
- Intermills Cordenons Stardream 14pt mica coated cover
- Appleton Metallic Ice Gold 80# text
- Appleton Metallic Ice Gold 12pt. cover


Order Product
- Kromecoat 100# gloss coated cover
Client Reactions
Client Reactions

Disclaimer: We currently use the following papers on our SHARP AR-C150 and AR-C250 digital color imagers with great results.Some of these papers are in "spec" for the types of paper authorized by SHARP, some are not. We advise you to contact your local SHARP dealer or sales person for a complete list of papers that are recommended.We will not be responsible for any damage to printing systems that use our paper products.

These papers are what we call "exotic". They are not specified by sharp as suitable for printing but we have had great results none the less.
Papers That
We Run On Our
SHARP digital color IMAGERS.